Contact and Support

Killers and Thieves is being developed by Candle & Key, and published by Stoic.


For all press inquiries, please email us at:

To learn more about the programmer position, please check out the dev log!

Before writing, please check the following topics to see if we've already answered your question:


Q: Where can I buy this?

A: The game isn't yet released, but when it is, it'll be on Steam.


Q: I'm on Youtube or Twitch. Can I have permission to broadcast your game or put ads on my videos?

A: Sure, go nuts!


Q: I'm a reviewer, honest! Can I have a free copy of your game?

A: Probably not unless we've heard of you, in which case we've already contacted you.


Q: Can I help you work on the game? Please?!

A: If we have any positions available, you can find out about it on the Devlog. Otherwise, I'm sorry, but no. Believe it or not, having more people than you need on a project can actually make everything harder, even if they're very nice and want to be helpful.