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Killers and Thieves is developed by Alex Thomas, and published by Stoic.

For all bugs or technical support, please email:

For all press inquiries, please email me at:

Follow the development of the game on the dev log!

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Before writing, please check the following topics to see if we’ve already answered your question:

Q: Where can I get this?

A: Steam! It’s available on PC and may be ported to other platforms in the future, based on demand.

Q: I’m on Youtube or Twitch. Can I have permission to broadcast your game or put ads on my videos?

A: Yes. Go for it!

Q: I’m a popular game reviewer, honest! Can I have a free copy of your game?

A: Probably not. We get hundreds and hundreds of requests for free copies. We’ll be sending out review copies to sources we know.

Q: Can I help you work on the game?

A: At this time, development on the game is complete! Please enjoy!

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