1. When will the game release, and on what platforms?

Killers and Thieves is available NOW on Steam, for PC. Any future ports will be based on demand.

2. How does the management gameplay work?

From a map view of the city, the player manages the growth of their guild. Recruit new, inexperienced thieves and send them on missions and training. Everything has an upkeep; failing to pay the weekly expenses will result in lost property and personnel.

3. How does the heist gameplay work?

Heists are where you acquire stolen goods. Send multiple thieves into procedurally generated city blocks. Direct them in real-time through locked and guarded rooms using the skills at your disposal, and loot as much as you can without getting caught. Raising an alarm will have the guards hunting you down, and your thieves aren’t super-human: they will get caught and can permanently die.

Balance the risk vs reward of how much you try to get away with on a heist. When you get back, fence the stolen goods for gold. Each heist will cost you a day, so don’t waste it.

6. But I can kill guards, right? What’s to stop me from murdering everyone in sight?

An all-stealth approach may be more difficult, but bloody massacres every mission will kill your men off faster than you can recruit new ones, and guards will flood your turf. Remember, you’ve got Killers and Thieves; but play it however you like.

7. What makes my thieves unique?

Your thieves will be good at some things, and bad at others. Nobody can do it all. Each comes with an ability (such as wall climbing), and can learn more as they advance. Randomly selected traits and flaws affect how they perform. Their portraits are randomly generated from hundreds of different combinations.

8. How do I win?

Killers and Thieves is about an upstart thieves guild making its mark on the city. Play through story missions and side missions to achieve your long-term goals, or organize heists in locations you choose.

9. Whose making this, anyway? Aren’t you supposed to be working on The Banner Saga?

I’m Alex Thomas, I was the creative director on The Banner Saga, released in early 2014. I’m now heading up Killers and Thieves, while the Stoic team continue working on The Banner Saga sequels. Don’t worry, they’ve got it well in hand! Both games will be published under Stoic.

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