Cheating: Casinos

Now, this is an interesting one.

Cheating in casinos actually refers to all the actions by the players or even the house which are prohibited by gambling control authorities. This may even involve the use of some apparatus or even chip fraud. Casino cheating is cheating activities that are conducted in a casino. This can be on behalf of the casino or the customer as well. In the State of Nevada, for a player to actually sit in a casino is definitely a felony under the state law. In a lot of jurisdictions, specific rules do not exist when it comes to alleged cheating activities. Once the person is confirmed to have cheated, legal actions are taken against those people.


There are many people who employ sneaky methods to cheat at slot machines as well. Slot machines have actually been one of the most sought-after and also lucrative games on the casino floor. They have been the above for a really long time. This is for the players and the cheaters as well. Slot machines are famous for being electronic machines which are really fun. They also attract a lot of cheaters. Slot machines have been known to rake in a lot of money for the casinos. They deliver quite a bit of cash in Jackpot payments as well. The fact that they provide jackpot is also one of the reasons why they are targeted by cheaters for such a long time. Cheaters are actually intrigued by what they can win, and that is why they go along with a lot of plans to beat the slot machine and illegal gain the jackpots.

There are many gambling authorities which functioning to make sure that the industry operates in a proper fashion. It is also very important because cheating does spoil the entire game for all the players. Engineers have designed these gaming machines in a way that can be monitored, audited and even modified. They deliver satisfying and proper gameplay. Everyone who uses it, ends up loving it. The technology advances every single day. Since technology is advancing, it has made it possible for cheaters to destroyed and take advantage of it.

Fake coins

How, you ask?

A lot of people have started using fake coins. Unless you have been living under a rock since Donald Trump became the President of the USA, you have heard him say the phrase “fake news!”. It is a very normal method of slot cheating and is very similar to the above phrase. Fake news and fake coins do have a similarity. Counterfeit coins have been used by the con artists for a really long time.

Another method that cheaters use onslaught machines is the yo-yo slot cheating technique which is also a famous one.

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