Top 4 Casino Thieves and their Mode of Robbery

The casino is an entertainment platform for businesspersons, a fun space for gamblers, and a place to earn more money for professional cheaters. Over the years, the casino has witnessed many cheaters and genuine winners. Each year, the casino has tried incorporating new technology and tools to catch any forms of cheating and theft that may take place in the casino. We will see some of the famous casino gamblers who are in short, famous cheaters and fraudsters. Without creating any further ado, let us read some of the renowned cheating stories in the following post.

Dennis Nikrasch

If you are a slot machine lover who loves to play slot machines as well as other games in the casino, you may know this person, Dennis Nikrasch. Dennis Nikrasch is known as the greatest slot machine cheater of all time. He was not alone; he had an army full of cheaters along his side that helped him to cheat and grab the win. It is said that he had looted over more than $15 million using his not-so-genuine way of playing slots. He had stolen money from various casinos, but it was in the year 1998, his cheating was submitted to light. He exchanged his deep dark secrets of how he looted money to the police and government to reduce his sentence in prison.

Bill Brennan

Bill Brennan is better known as a thief n the casino gambling history than a skilful gambler who cheated while gambling. Bill Brennan was a cashier in a casino in Las Vegas, named Stardust Hotel. One day he was off to home from work when he decided to loot the money from the casino, he collected bags of money and left the casino to where? Nobody knows. There are rumours even spreading even now, which mentions ‘ death of Bill Brennan’ to ‘happily living ever after with his Theft money’.

Monique Laurent

The third one on the list is none other than a French lady named, Monique Laurent. It is said that she, along with her family, relatives, and friends, helped her to loot the money that is more than $1 million from a casino called, Deauville Casino. She and her team were known to cheat and loot the money exclusively from the Roulette tables. She and her team were caught around 1973.

Ron Harris & Reid McNeal

Ron Harris & Reid McNeal

The last and the final one on the list is none other than the great jackpot winners, Ron Harris & Reid McNeal who are known to win approximately $100,000! It was highly doubtful as to the casino, especially the one that is situated in Bally’s Park Place Casino Resort in Atlantic City, has not won a Keno Jackpot. However, the case was filed, which led them to Ron Harris, who was a computer programmer who made the winning possible at the casino.

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